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What is Tinkering with a Capital "T"?

In the Makers’ Lab Tinkering with a capital “T” is defined as an act of free choice and interest to the Tinkerer. Tinkering may include play, increased understanding, improvement or experimentation with materials and/or tools so that the Tinkerer increases their knowledge and skill within the context of their tinkering. Tinkering is learning by exploring, doing and sometimes even breaking. "What makes this tick?" is a common question. In the Makers’ Lab, Tinkering is learning that is fun and engaging, because it is driven by the learner's quest to understand and their curiosity in how things in the world operate.

With new understanding on how the world and it's many things connect, Tinkerers transfer their knowledge and skill in innovative ways. In the Makers' Lab we frame Tinkering with a capital "T" to indicate the connecting bridge Tinkering forms between Making and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). It is with this bridge that Tinkering allows students to connect their passion with making the world a better place.

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