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Matt Pearson is a 20 year veteran of developing and tinkering with curriculum in the K-12 classroom to build learning environments that are engaging, mindful and diverse in their pedagogical approach.  Matt explores, researches, and teaches ways to blend science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) using sustainable and backward design approaches.  

Matt is the Director of the Makers’ Lab at Marin Country Day School and blogs regularly here at:
Matt is also the co-founder of the MCDS summer camp WonderLab which explores the realm of blending science, design thinking and art by engaging the passion and interests of a diverse group of 4th graders from two different cultural upbringings.


Matt completed certification at the Fab Academy earning the title of “Fab Guru.”  This program provides in-depth training to a variety of digital design chains allowing you to “turn codes into things.”  Matt’s personal Fab Academy blog over the course of five months can be found by clicking HERE.  

Matt continues to build relationships with teachers to yield fruitful partnerships in the classroom.  He is adept at removing the “scary” from having a flexible classroom that may go in any direction at any time depending on the teacher AND students.

Matt has been known to dive deep in a variety of interests to include robotics, flight, basketball and the ocean depths while wearing neoprene.  Current research on autonomous robots, aquaponics, water fountains and play, seismic resistant buildings, the art of glass can all be found on this website.

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